The Orangemen’s Day (also called the Battle of the Boyne Day) is an Ulster Protestant celebration held on 12 July.
This is a public holiday in Northern Ireland.

When is Orangemen's Day ?

  • Orangemen's Day in 2022 is on Tuesday, 12-July, 2022.
  • Orangemen's Day in 2021 was on Monday, 12-July, 2021.
  • Orangemen's Day in 2020 was on Monday, 13-July, 2020.

Check all the historical dates for Orangemen's Day in below table.
. Orangemen's Day .
2025Monday, 14-Jul-2025
2024Friday, 12-Jul-2024
2023Wednesday, 12-Jul-2023
2022Tuesday, 12-Jul-2022
2021Monday, 12-Jul-2021
2020Monday, 13-Jul-2020
2019Friday, 12-Jul-2019