Saint Andrew’s Day, also called the Feast of Saint Andrew or Andermas, is the feast day of Andrew the Apostle.
It is celebrated on 30 November. Saint Andrew’s Day is Scotland’s official national day.

The celebration of Saint Andrew as a national festival among some social strata and locales is thought to originate from the reign of Malcolm III (1058–1093). It was thought that the ritual slaughter of animals associated with Samhain was moved to this date so as to assure enough animals were kept alive for winter. But it is only in more recent times that 30 November has been given national holiday status.

When is St Andrew's Day ?

  • St Andrew's Day in 2024 is on Monday, 02-December, 2024.
  • St Andrew's Day in 2023 was on Thursday, 30-November, 2023.

Check all the historical dates for St Andrew's Day in below table.
. St Andrew's Day .
2024Monday, 02-Dec-2024
2023Thursday, 30-Nov-2023
2022Wednesday, 30-Nov-2022
2021Tuesday, 30-Nov-2021
2020Monday, 30-Nov-2020
2019Monday, 02-Dec-2019

St Andrew’s Day was declared a bank holiday by the Scottish Parliament in 2006, although banks are not required to close if they do not wish to. If 30 November occurs on a weekend, the bank holiday is moved to the following Monday.

Employers are not required by law to give employees a holiday on the St Andrew’s Day bank holiday.

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